Laura Miller | Apple Rings + Brussels Sprout Chips + Almond Butter Cups
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Apple Rings + Brussels Sprout Chips + Almond Butter Cups

29 Jan Apple Rings + Brussels Sprout Chips + Almond Butter Cups

Sure, you can sneak all these snacks into a movie theater. But you can also just eat them. Like, whenever you want.

Full recipes after the jump!

Apple rings:

4-5 apples
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t ginger
1/2 t nutmeg

– Core the apples and then slice them on a mandoline (or slice them thinly.)
– Toss with spices.
– Spread them out on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate for 3-4 hours or bake at 200 degrees for 45 mins to an hour.

Brussels sprouts:

-1 big bag of brussels sprouts
-2-3 T olive oil
-salt and pepper to taste

– Separate the leaves of the brussels sprouts.
– Toss leaves in a bowl with olive oil.
– Spread them out on a cookie sheet or dehydrator sheet, making sure that they are not touching on another.
– Dehydrate for 3-4 hours, or place in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.
– Add salt and freshly ground pepper immediately after removing from the dehydrator or oven.

Almond butter cups:

1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/3 cup coconut oil
almond butter for filling

– Blend cocoa powder, maple syrup, and coconut oil in a blender or food processor.
– Pour into the bottom of mini cupcake liners and place in freezer to set up.
– Remove from freezer, add a teaspoon-sized amount of almond butter, then cover with more chocolate.
– Place back in freezer until ready to serve.

  • Giselle Soldati
    Posted at 01:18h, 06 March Reply

    You guys are absolutely AWESOME!!!
    I watched this video the other day by chance, and waited ’til I had all the ingredients to make the yummy treats you talked about, and then went crazy through my internet history trying to find your video – PHEW! – found it and will make ALL of them right now! No movie to go to, but I’ll pretend I’m in the theater and practice hiding my goodies for next time I actually go – you guys are hilarious!
    Thank you so much for your time in making raw, vegan, healthy food accessible and appealing to everyone – I will forward your videos to spread the word! ;)

  • Fernanda Da
    Posted at 16:32h, 02 July Reply

    Hi! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome recipes! One question…can I use cacao powder instead of cocoa? :)

    • laura
      Posted at 17:25h, 02 July Reply

      Oh definitely! Cacao is ideal, just a bit pricier so I always list cocoa powder.

  • morgan
    Posted at 18:50h, 03 July Reply

    Made these yesterday, and they tasted AHmazing, the only problem was… they didn’t solidify. These cups tasted great, but the texture was not so great. I left it in the freezer overnight, still not solid! Is it the coconut oil?

  • Rita Xaysettha
    Posted at 08:14h, 12 July Reply

    my boyfriend’s siblings hate veggies, until I tried these snack, They munched them in 10 seconds!

    • laura
      Posted at 16:01h, 15 July Reply

      Yay! Music to my ears, Rita! Thank you.

  • 台灣大樂透
    Posted at 03:46h, 21 September Reply

    Marvelous website, thank You !!

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